Black woman shot dead; body is dragged on the ground attached to the bumper of a police car!

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: What the…?!?!? Why does it seem that police atrocities in Brazil, particularly in Rio, seem to always get worse? It almost seems as if they are purposely trying to outdo their previous act. Seriously, I would really like to know how and why Brazil was awarded the World Cup and the Olympics. Of course, the most popular response would be the country’s rise to the sixth spot of the world’s largest economies. But with this type of thing going on, is that all that matters?!?! Just so you know, these types of acts that totally disregard decency or respect of human life have been going on for decades, centuries in reality if you go back to the 1530s when the Portuguese starting importing African slaves. It would be a tragic joke if someone had made the following story up, but the actual tragedy…

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