The white racist guide to talking to blacks about race


How to talk to black people about race as ably shown by the white racists on this blog:

Things to know: 

  1. Blacks are emotional thinkers – They are not objective and neutral like white people. They do not care about facts and reasons. They are like children: they measure truth by their feelings. They see the world as they wish it were – with themselves starring as the Eternal Historical Victims.
  2. They are brainwashed by their leaders – Racism died in the 1960s but their leaders maintain power by brainwashing them into thinking racism is still holding them back.
  3. They live in the past – why else would they keep bringing up Ancient History, like slavery or Jim Crow? History has nothing to do with the present.
  4. They want to make whites feel guilty – so they can get handouts instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps like…

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